The Hydro Pod project aims to provide safe access to water for children in an orphanage in Bandarban. Rainwater is harvested during monsoon and stored in a water tank for the dry, winter months
That means about 9,200 species have not yet been discovered
The biggest of them all, the General Sherman stands 83 meters (275 feet) tall
Muminul Hoque Fahim has travelled to all 64 districts of Bangladesh and planted trees
As the Gobi Desert is expanding further south, Chinese authorities have been building a "Great Green Wall" in a bid to stop the phenomenon. The project has its strengths and weaknesses
Orange, papaya and guava trees are among those that nursery owners said have seen an increase in sales
The researchers examined more than 200,000 tree-ring records from tree species across the globe and found that trade-offs between growth and lifespans occurred in almost all of them, including...
The trees will be planted in around 2,500km area covering 59 divisions of the Water Development Board
Nobichuddin Biswas, a resident at the village, arranged the wedding ceremony on Tuesday after his wife Momena Khatun had been instructed to do so in a dream.
The video, which is now going viral, shows a blaze glowing through an opening in the tree’s trunk
The road is mostly 3.7 metres wide, but the project aims to widen it to 5.5 metres. Local people say that the road is already 5.5 metres wide at some places, but the trees along those stretches are...