Although the advent of technology made writing hand-written letters obsolete, there are people who fondly reminisce about this lost art and even some who still attempt to forge pen pal friendships
Even if the person you go on a blind date with is not the right one for you, you could always end up making a new friend
Environmentalist, photographer, and filmmaker Yann Arthus-Bertrand will lend his voice to climate-impacted communities in Bangladesh.
Both sides exchanged views on regional and multilateral issues and enhance the close cooperation in the multilateral fora
She also said that the government wants to prepare the future force to face these challenges to ensure peace
Garip spends most of her time out of her pen and has never tried to run away from Mirzans farmstead
Lives of about 150,000 residents in this remote area have gained momentum as the women and adolescents of the chars have become career-oriented and self-reliant thanks to the education received from...
Friends can keep an eye on the Facebook page of Airtel for the latest offers under the campaign